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Cutting Costs

THL can assist your business in keeping operational costs low. From dedicated, one-on-one service to discounted print rates, we are here to ensure your business stays in business. Through our partnerships, we can lower your cellular costs, provide you with great VoIP rates and offer you a low cost alternative for your domain, hosting and email needs.

Cellular Phone Service

Communication is essential to managing a successful business. Mobilizing your business allows you to perform job duties whenever and wherever you need to. It’s our job to assist in keeping your costs low so you can stay connected and productive. We partner with top cellular brands to lower your costs while maintaining reliable coverage.

VOiP Business Phone System

Work smarter with a unified communications platform: seamlessly connect via voice, chat, text messaging or video, virtually anywhere. Our VoIP partner goes beyond small business phone service with powerful features that deliver value by giving you the right balance of flexibility and control, so you can work smarter every day.

Printing Services

THL clients receive superior print quality at rates at least 15% lower than most leading print companies. We are able to provide almost all printing needs. Our print portfolio includes business cards, brochures, banners and even t-shirts.

Domains, Emails, Hosting & More

Through our partner, MemDog Domains, you can receive an array of digital services including domain registration, email plans, website hosting, and SSL certificates. At a fraction of the price you'd find elsewhere, Memdog Domains offers 24/7 service with 99% uptime.

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