THL Power

We power our clients for Google. This entails optimizing your website for search engines, consistent communication with customers and potential customers, and a constant flow of traffic to your website through creative customer engagements.

Through our built in SEO, Power Content and Collective SEO strategies, THL Power makes marketing easy and affordable.

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Search Engine Optimization

With a decade of experience, we like to consider ourselves SEO pros. You can ask our customers. Every customer that has desired to reach a #1 Google ranking has done so. We create balanced SEO for your site and position your brand for maximum visibility.

In search rankings, site position is determined from a number of factors including: relevancy, external links, popularity and site quality. We tackle every angle of optimizing your site for Google, ensuring the best rankings in search results.

Power Content

Content marketing is the current and future medium of marketing. Delivering valuable, relevant and newsworthy content is key to driving traffic to your website and social media outlets.

Your content becomes newsworthy through your partners’ shared marketing efforts. Additionally, your content is shared locally through other THL clients in other industries.

Collective SEO

External links from THL partner websites further improve your site’s credibility by being seen as a valuable industry resource by Google. This collective effort of external links is a crucial element of Google’s search engine algorithm, and gives THL clients an advantage over their competition.