Brand Development

The importance of a brand goes beyond your logo. A brand is what customers retain and refer. To connect with customers, you need to portray your business’ values and shape them around the benefits of your product and/or service. These values are what make your business special and combined with your company history they create a valuable brand story.

Running a business is hard enough, developing a brand and concept takes time, and should be done by professionals. THL can work with you (and your team) to develop a brand that has shelf life and drives sales.


Creating Your Brand

Brand development can be one of the most difficult steps in starting a business, but it’s a vital step in creating your company identity.

Don’t confuse your logo design, website, brochures or marketing materials with your “brand”. While these are all important elements used to convey your business message, your brand is is much more. It’s important to acknowledge that a strong brand is built over time. Let’s create a brand strategy that increases loyalty and advocacy along with generating revenue and better sales.

Brand Identity


THL’s brand identity process utilizes research, analytics, and creativity to obtain a clear understanding of needs and opportunities related to customers and/or markets. Our process ensures your brand identity embodies and advances your business’ goals along with being a constant reminder of core values and heritage.

Brand Audit


THL’s brand audits reveal new ways to make your brand relative to existing and potential target customers to ensure a longevity for your business. A brand audit is an in-depth examination of your brand’s current position in the market compared to your competitors. It helps us identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses, value, brand awareness and brand reputation. Let us position your brand to take advantage of opportunities and dominate the competition.

Logo Design


From business cards to signage, and your website to social media channels, your logo is featured in every aspect of your brand. Serving as a brand foundation, your logo has a responsibility to enhance your business’ first impression and represent what your company stands. Based on your business goals, strategies and values, THL will design and present logo concepts that represent your business and stand the test of time.

Graphic Design


Graphic design has the potential to make your brand stand above the competition while promoting your values and connecting with customers. As graphic designers, our primary responsibility is to translate your brand concept into a aesthetically pleasing look and feel that engages your current and potential customers. Our team of designers effectively translate your core values through designs that are easily understood.

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