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Digital Business Services

Through THL’s digital services, we amplify your business’ online presence. We help you build your online community through consistent interaction and relevant conversation. Using our proven strategies we share, promote and connect with your customer base.

THL helps your business grow online through increase brand awareness, building relationships, and driving website traffic.


Building an Online Presence

There’s been a significant shift in the way customers research your business. Customers have become internet-savvy, preferring local businesses that have an active digital presence. Your online reputation becomes a critical factor in customer’s decision making and should be managed and maintained to ensure the right message is being displayed.

Email Newsletters


Email newsletters are by far the most productive tool to stay engaged with your customers. THL creates revenue-generating, audience-focused email newsletters that build trust with your base, nurtures and grows your list, and encourages action.

We dissect your email newsletter campaigns in multiple steps to ensure effectiveness. From list development and creation to delivery and data analyzing, THL’s thorough process is key in delivering a great message to your audience.

Social Media Management


Social media posts increase customer interest and engagement. THL crafts exceptional social media content tailored to your brand, industry and target audience. We’ll help you break through the white noise of social media by implementing proven strategies that foster relationships. These strategies help your business grow by connecting to your target audience and turning them into brand ambassadors.

Reputation Management


According to a recent study, 92% of internet users read reviews and 89% of people say that reviews influence their purchasing decision.

THL has created a highly effective process of obtaining positive customer reviews on relevant review sites. This increases traffic to your website and increases your Google rankings. We will also manage your reputation through review responses and customer resolution.

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