Industry Support Services

THL industry support entails services designed to help specific industries achieve long term success.

All industries are different. Accounting services are different from home services, and operating a restaurant is different from being a veterinarian. Because Team Hiploch understands this, we offer business owners affordable solutions to be successful within their specific industry.



Learning the intricacies of different industries takes time. Over the past 15 years, we’ve honed our skills in a number of industries. With THL, there is no learning curve. We can immediately provide solutions to the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Home Services
  • Financial Services
  • Chambers
  • Franchises
  • Professionals



Content marketing is the current and future medium of marketing. Delivering valuable, relevant and newsworthy content is key to driving traffic to your website and social media outlets.

External links from THL Power partner websites further improve your site’s credibility by being seen as a valuable industry resource by Google. This collective effort of external links is a crucial element of Google’s search engine algorithm, and gives THL clients an advantage over their competition.

Startup Assistance


Our industry support service is focused on affordability. If you are a company less than two years old, THL can assist in establishing a structure that lasts long-term and keeps operational costs low. From specialty service rates and print pricing, to connecting you with discounts from our strategic partners, we are here to ensure your business stays in business.

Workshops & Brand Connects


THL hosts a number of online and in-person business workshops and brand connects around the country. Our workshops focus on operational tasks, marketing, digital presence, professionalism and winning government contracts. We dive into explaining the intricacies and opportunities within the workshop topic along with helping participants find approaches that work for their brand and customers.

THL brand connects are networking opportunities for our clients to meet professionals outside of their industry that will potentially drive revenue. We connect our clients with professionals from industries that need our client’s services.

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Let’s talk about THL industry support services in depth. Contact us via the contact form below or through social medi. We can’t wait to discuss your project.

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