Marketing Channels
& Opportunities

A marketing channel is a method to reach a customer. We find unique marketing channels and opportunities for our customers to directly engage potential customers.

Aside from our two primary marketing channels: SEO and marketing strategies, we also create channels that set businesses apart from the competition.


Creative Channels

With the rise of digital marketing, traditional marketing channels may not always do the trick. THL has created creative channels that have long-term effectiveness and impressionability.

Event Marketing


Your event should have two goals: to sell your product and collect data to reach customers at a later date. THL creates, develops and executes creative strategies to achieve these two goals. Our events are designed to directly engage your target audience and promote your product at an event. Our goal is to embed your products or services into your audience’s memory and leave a powerful and lasting impression, while collecting attendees’ data for future contact.


THL can also assist in designing your exhibits that have synergy with your message and deliver on promotional and sales goals. Your exhibit should be eye-catching, engaging and functional. THL will deliver on all three.

Charitable Initiatives


THL provides corporations with an opportunity to partner with foundations and non-profit organizations that align with their corporate initiatives. We are specialists in marketing your brand through sponsorship opportunities including community events, fundraising and volunteerism. THL has developed a database of foundations which continues to expand. This database gives us the reach and resources to assist in developing sustainable relationships that create positive change.

By choosing the right charities, we incorporate philanthropy into your marketing strategy. We will not only connect you with ways to donate and support non-profits, we will also get your staff involved. These meaningful partnerships help advance the charity’s mission while increasing your corporation’s brand reputation and credibility.

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