Search Optimization

THL optimizes your site for better search engine visibility.

90% of internet users don’t look past the first 10 search results. Even if you’re ranked #11, you’re only receiving 10% of the interest, even then, customers may still go with a business in the first 10.

With a decade of experience, we like to consider ourselves SEO pros. From learning as business owners the ins and outs of SEO and strategies that work, we’ve decided to help our fellow business owners rank their sites with our Search Optimization service.

Our SEO History

With a decade of experience, we like to consider ourselves SEO pros. Ten years ago we introduced “content marketing” (without knowing it) and now it’s the “in thing”. Learning from our mistakes as business owners we’ve created strategies that work. I guess you can say we’ve learned from the school of Hard Knocks, not from a “marketing guru” that’s taught thousands what they know for a fee. Ultimately what we are saying is our strategies have passed the test of time and we stand confidently behind them.

THL Works To Make

Your Site #1

Increasing your search engine rankings, increases your business. We develop a plan and work to make sure your website has incredible visibility.

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