THL creates marketing strategies that increase hits to your website and increase sales.

We create unique marketing strategies developed around your target audience and long term goals. By utilizing creative plans we place your brand in the best position to retain customers and attract new ones. Along with effective inbound marketing strategies, we increase your Google rankings while decreasing your advertising costs over time.


Build Relationships

Our marketing strategies help businesses build trusted relationships with potential customers by sharing content that is too good to ignore. By engaging customers in the early stages of the buying cycle, you’re able to reach top decision-makers along with building trust and confidence.

Proposition Development


We help you communicate the key benefits of your products and services consistently across all channels. THL produces carefully structured propositions, descriptions, taglines, and reusable content. This helps you tell your story in a consistent, powerful way.

Content Calendar


THL coordinates all digital content conception, creation and publishing to achieve the greatest impact. Team Hiploch works with your business to plan a consistent content calendar that integrates all online marketing activity and synchronizes to other events and plans in your business future.

Marketing Personas


If you try to talk to everyone, you won’t reach anyone. Targeting and audience segmentation are the core of marketing, and building buyer personas support the plan. Buyer personas are an ideal, semi-fictional representation of your target customer that brings their needs and goals into focus. We use research, interviews and insight to produce customer personas so you know exactly who you’re talking to.

Message Delivery


We help you find your voice and apply it consistently across all your communication channels. Your tone of voice describes how you communicate your services and products. It’s the beating heart of your marketing strategy and helps make your point consistent across all channels.

Contact Us

Let’s talk about your marketing strategy needs in depth. Contact us via the contact form below or through social media. We can’t wait to discuss your project.

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