Search Engine Optimization

In search rankings, site position is determined by a number of factors including relevancy, external links, popularity and site quality. We tackle every angle of optimizing your site for the best rankings in search results.

With more than a decade of experience, we like to consider ourselves SEO experts. You can ask our customers. Every customer that has desired to reach a #1 Google ranking has done so. We create balanced SEO and position your brand for maximum visibility.


Audience Analysis

The target audience is an essential variable when creating a search engine optimization plan. Once we’ve established the demographic, we conduct thorough research on the best channels to reach them. From researching your target audience’s web history to analyzing competitors, we keep our finger on the pulse of your audience’s behavior.

Keyword Research


Following a thorough analysis of your audience, our next step is to conduct keyword research. We use proven tools and methods to pinpoint valuable search terms and comprise a list that allows customers to find your business. We build a list of keywords specifically for your business.

Optimized Content


With the keywords selected, we create optimized content that engages customers from their first visit to your website. 82% of customers feel more positive about a company after reading content that’s relevant to them, so it’s our job to make sure your content stands out from others in your industry.

On-Page Optimization


We utilize a proven SEO task list to ensure all page content is fully optimized and ready for Google. Our process has stood the test of times. Our customer’s Google rankings has proved our process works.

Tracking & Reporting


Finally, THL tracks and reports the progress of each stage of our strategies. By analyzing the success of our keywords and methodology, we adjust accordingly to give you the best results.

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