Top 6 Reasons Why Live Chat is Winning the Customer Support Race

Customer service is the backbone of any business, playing a crucial role in building a sustainable customer base and allowing companies to flourish.

According to American Express, more than two-thirds of American consumers say they are even willing to spend more with brands that provide a superior customer service.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO, Amazon

In this digital age, live chat is an integral part of a successful customer service toolkit, providing a platform to communicate with customers in real-time and generating satisfaction levels of 73%, compared to just 61% for email and 44% for phone.

But it’s not only your customer satisfaction levels that stand to benefit, customer retention improves as well. In fact, over 63% of consumers reported that they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

So why exactly do customers love live chat?

Let’s find out:

In this article we look at six reasons live chat is winning in the battle for the hearts and minds of your customers, showing why you need to add it to your customer service channel now.

1. Live chat is convenient for customers

Live chat is convenient for many reasons:

A). It connects customers instantly with an agent. No need to dial a number and press button after button before you even get to talk to an agent.

B). Live chat allows customers to multi-task. This is perhaps the greatest benefit. Over 51% of customers like live chat precisely for this reason. So even if customers have a short wait, they can get on with doing something else.

C). The wait time is negligible. No more getting stuck on hold for hours on end, customer queries are promptly addressed.

D). The conversation can be saved. It’s easier to guide users through issues when their previous interactions can be referred back to for context.

E). Customer queries are answered quickly. Emails often require a lengthy back and forth, live chat can resolve issues in one session.

F). Customers can have their purchase-related queries answered on the spot. This is a massive advantage considering 44% of consumers think the ability to talk to an agent while purchasing online is one of the best features a website can offer. Customers really do appreciate your help when it comes to buying decisions.

Customers appreciate live chat as it helps them in making the right buying decisions.

2. Live chat saves money

Businesses are always striving to find cost-effective customer service solutions. Live chat can certainly help with that.

Phone and email are mainstays of customer support and have been for many years. However, it takes time and resources to provide this setup. Live chat tools are comparatively cheap to implement, and what’s more, live chat provides a host of extra benefits. It really is a superior communication channel.

Offering real-time customer service and the chance to address multiple queries at once saves time, labor, and ultimately money for your company.

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Source: Acquire
Author: Sam Suthar

Suthar, Sam. “Top 6 Reasons Why Live Chat is Winning the Customer Support Race.” Acquire, 8 Oct. 2019,

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