Ten more industries being added to Team Sugar Land

Savannah Jacklin, owner of Kids Zone Jumpers, is a THL Team Sugar Land member looking to add more businesses to the team. “Back in 2016, I would sit by the phone waiting for calls. My husband and I bought a few jumpers, told a few friends and tried so many different methods to generate calls: networking events, paid social media posts, door hangers, even magazine ads. Very few calls were coming in, and advertising cost so much I wasn’t breaking even. I was burnt out on spending money and just took a break from it all.”

Savannah continues, “I went to lunch with a friend who’s husband hired a marketing firm to rebrand their business. She explained how they had to reshape their business objectives and change their approach for their business to grow. This was on a Saturday, so first thing Monday morning, I gave Christopher Bush at Team Hiploch a call.”

Savannah states, “Team Hiploch changed our life. They taught us the importance of investing in our brand and the benefits of a website that’s powered for Google. Since joining the Sugar Land team, we’ve had more post engagements and our rankings increased even more. We’re completely booked now, we have to order more moonwalks so that we can continue servicing customers.”

Savannah continues, “Then, Christopher asked if I’d like to join a team. They had a new concept they were launching that he felt could really help my business. At this point, I was all in because everything they’ve said made sense and worked.”

When asking her about the team experience, Savannah says, “They teamed me with other businesses in Sugar Land. We were all spinning our wheels buying advertisements, going to the same networking meetings, adding debt and getting very little results. With this program we didn’t have to meet in person. We meet online which is much more convenient and effective.”

“Another benefit to the team are the digital platforms THL provides. When I post content to social media, my team members can conveniently like and share it. When I want to send a referral, it’s a quick digital link, and it’s just as easy receiving referrals. I also like I don’t have to go meetings every week and pay for a breakfast, hoping someone will remember my name or keep my business card. THL Team’s digital structure makes it all possible.”

Savannah continues, “The shares really started climbing our rankings. Now we’re all ranked high on the first page of our target Google searches. One that really surprised me, was aliveat25texas.com which is operated by Young Drivers Safety Training. They dominate the entire first page if you type in Alive at 25 Houston. They’re #1 through #6.”

“Another pleasant surprise is I’m ranking in different cities and different search terms: Sugar Land Jumpers, Missouri City Moonwalks, Stafford TX Jumpers, which were all of my targets. So, the team works. What’s really exciting is we’re now adding more team members. If we all adopt the philosophy that we work for our brands and our brands work for Google, the more success we’ll see,” said Savannah.

“It’s great to see the success that Savannah and other team members are having. Part of the success and continued success is we only allow one business per industry and we have strict requirements to join. So, when team members are sharing content and referrals, they know it’s for another reputable business,” says Christopher Bush.

Team Hiploch is looking to immediately add businesses operating in Sugar Land in these ten industries:

  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical
  • Garage Door Services
  • Roofing
  • Custom Pool Building
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Maid & Cleaning Services
  • Flooring Services

If you’re interested in joining Team Sugar Land or starting a team in your area, you can email Christopher Bush for more information: christopherbush@teamhiploch.com.

To view the requirements, please visit: http://bit.ly/2ZC3dJU.

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