The THL Teams program adopts new member requirements.

THL Teams consist of only reliable, trustworthy and professional businesses. We have recently enacted new requirements for businesses to join a team. Members are selected based on a strict list of requirements including length of time in business, customer reviews and operational structure. This ensures good businesses are being promoted by other good businesses instead of fly-by-night businesses.

The new THL Team member requirements include:

  • Minimum two (2) years in business
  • Must provide proof of ownership
  • Must provide proof of licensing (if required by state)
  • Must possess valid commercial insurance
  • Must possess invoicing and scheduling software/structure
  • Verified in good standing with the state
  • Four (4) star review average across review websites

THL Teams is a program that connects small businesses through a digital network. Qualifying THL clients in non-competing industries are placed in geographical teams and they digitally share each other’s content along with giving referrals. The program promotes shares and reposts of your business content, thus increasing search rankings by making your content newsworthy to Google.

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Team Hiploch

Team Hiploch

Founded in 2003, Team Hiploch is a creative agency with our pulse on the climate of small business. By applying our process, our principals and our core services, THL works diligently to ensure our clients stay in business.