Esquire Kitchen Exterior Branding

Business Name: Esquire Kitchen
Location: Atlanta, GA
Service: Digital Layover

Esquire Kitchen is a startup seafood restaurant in Atlanta, GA. They were moving into an outdated location and asked us to help them revive the building to match the new brand’s look and feel. We were able to complete an exterior brand that kept costs down and brought new energy to the location.






THL takes a picture of your location and creates a branding design that allows you to plan color schemes, signage placement, seating and operational flow prior to investing capital.

Your business interior and exterior determines the customer’s perception from the moment they view your location, to the moment they walk through your door. When done properly a business’ interior and exterior design should unite your brand with your operational flow. Prices starting as low as $125.

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    Team Hiploch

    Founded in 2003, Team Hiploch is a creative agency with our pulse on the climate of small business. By applying our process, our principals and our core services, THL works diligently to ensure our clients stay in business.